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Non-Domestic Properties – (Commercial EPC’s)

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All buildings which are rented, sold or newly constructed require an Energy Performance Certificate.  The EPC shows the energy rating of your building.  It indicates the energy efficiency of the building fabric and the heating, ventilation, cooling and lighting systems.

The energy efficiency of your building or Asset Rating is derived by comparing your building to a similar notional building with an added improvement factor based on current Building Regulations.  So as Building Regulations become tougher (including software changes) so too will your Asset Rating become lower (i.e. worse).

We are able to compare the current energy efficiency rating against future Building Regulation changes, such as the proposed April 2014 update. With the 2018 deadline looming (Energy Act) which will make properties illegal if they don’t achieve the minimum rating (for rentals) now is the time to start improving your Asset Rating and save money.  This is where we come in.

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We offer Professional extra

Added value services…

Accredited Commercial EPC & DEC Energy Assessors

Carryout out ‘What if’ Energy Remodelling Scenarios’

Identify the most cost effective improvement measures

Benchmark against Building Regulations & the proposed Part L April 2014 updates.

Analyse what the rating will likely to be in the future.

Analyse how to achieve the highest rating

How to offset capital expenditure in the first year.

In addition we expect comfort levels for users of the property to be greatly improved with greater efficiency in distribution of heat & cooling throughout the property.

Enhanced Energy Conservation Opportunities Assessment Service’

Low Carbon Energy Assessors (LCEA) Ltd provides extra added value services in comparison to our competitors when it comes to Professional Commercial Energy Assessments. We offer various levels of enhanced energy assessments tailored to our Clients specific requirements. From high level benchmarking exercises i.e. our Energy Conservation Opportunities Assessment Service’, right down to a fully detailed quantified energy auditing service, called our ‘Enhanced Energy Conservation Opportunities Assessment Service’.

Example of our ‘What if scenarios and analysis of proposed cost effective solutions

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‘Before’ and ‘after’ following advice from Low Carbon Energy Assessors (LCEA) Ltd

We illustrate within our  energy reports the ‘before’ and ‘after’ results which can either be benchmarked against the Asset Rating, which is also known as the Commercial Energy Performance Certificate, or against the Operational Rating which is also referred to as the Display Energy Certificate.

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Improving energy efficiency whilst enhancing corporate green credentials

We provide you with specialist consultancy advice to maximise the benefit of your Energy Performance Certificates, Display Energy Certificates and provide an enhanced energy recommendation report.  The survey assesses the fabric, HVAC and control systems, operational patterns and anything else that might impact on energy consumption levels.  We then create a simulation model for your building, based on information gathered from the survey.  The model is ‘tuned’ to your building’s historic energy data and highlights key measures to reduce energy use.  Our Energy Reports provide useful information on proposed energy improvements (e.g. capital investment, improved control or management strategies) and their potential impact on the energy ratings.

Energy Performance Certificate Non-Domestic Properties – (Commercial EPCs)

Thermal modelling is a complex process and the service we offer would be bespoke according to the client’s requirements.  We are able to offer bespoke energy efficiency reports offering advice and recommendations on the energy reduction effectiveness of a number of new build design and refurbishment issues, these include:

Natural ventilation strategies
Improved insulation levels Increased levels of thermal mass
Mitigating against overheating risk, through solar shades, internal blinds, tinted windows etc.
Better building controls
Updated building services provision
Changes to occupant behaviour
Detailed energy yield from solar photovoltaic panels or solar thermal panels.

Building Orientation for Optimum Energy

Since we can’t move your building to achieve the optimum orientation we are able to analyse and provide the best course of action for moving or separating certain types of “activities” and/or introduce solar protection within your building to reduce energy usage and make it more comfortable for your workforce and clients.


Improving energy efficiency whilst enhancing corporate green credentials

We ask the building owner or occupier to provide 12 months of accurate energy data, based on actual meter readings, for all fuels used in the building.  We analyse these figures and brief our energy efficiency experts, prior to conducting a thorough building survey.

The results of these simulations provide more accurate and bespoke advice for you.  In addition to estimating further energy savings for a given intervention, we can also recalculate what the EPC or DEC would be, to determine the impact of this action on the rating achieved.

Building owners can now make an informed decision as to which course of action would provide the best improvement on the EPC/DEC rating within cost and operational parameters.

Green Deal and alternative financial opportunities

The Green Deal can help you cut your energy bills by making energy efficiency improvements at no upfront costs (excluding the assessment fee).  As accredited Green Deal Assessors we can analyse your property and recommend the most cost effective solutions. The responsibility for ongoing repayments stays with the property i.e. whoever pays the energy bills benefits so they are responsible for the payments.  Naturally this will also improve your asset rating a secure your buildings future. We can also advise on sourcing, negotiating & securing alternative finance.

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