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As Director of LCEA’s Foundation on Climate Change, it gives me great pleasure to present LCEA’s Climate Change strategy, ‘LCEA Means Business on Climate Change’.

The scientific community is becoming increasingly certain that our activities are causing global climate change. The implications for future generations are predicted to be very significant indeed.

Whilst we face economic challenges, our focus on regaining our economy must involve innovating to adapt to the future challenges, or our progress will be short-lived.

At LCEA we are a place of action, we want to be at the forefront of providing solutions to these global challenges and to take the opportunities that arise in doing so.

Since LCEA’s involvement with the publication ‘Low carbon construction innovation & growth team: final report’ back in 2010. We have been pleased to see that there has been progress since then. However, there is significantly a lot more we need to do as we are seeing a substantial reduction in the harmful carbon emissions in recent years along with tackling fuel (energy) poverty and its impact on health and wellbeing to those less fortunate.

We are proud to join together to continue to forge a pathway towards sustaining and improving the quality of life of those who live and work around us in this very fragile World that we live in and playing our part in tackling global climate change.

Just as the progress has been down to many, so has the compilation of this strategy. We have worked together as a partnership to create a strategy that spans the priorities of a range of groups and organisations.

To use an African proverb, “To go fast you should go alone, to go far you should go together”. We want to go far. We are therefore building a wide network of organisations and individuals that will work together to build our sustainable future and allow us all to benefit from leading the way in our response to Climate Change.

Robert Corbyn,

Director of Low Carbon Energy Assessors – Please help by Contributing Cryptocurrency to Climate Change Foundation.


There is overwhelming global consensus that society must rise to the challenge of tackling climate change.

LCEA Means Business on Climate Change, it aims to inspire individuals that really need help, provide free professional advice to those less fortunate than ourselves by helping them save money and saving energy, improving their quality of life by reduce energy consumption, being more energy efficient and overall help save our precious planet by lowering our carbon footprint by educating those within our communities. LCEA is an organisation that is the engine of innovation and therefore a key to providing solutions and working with those within our communities who do really need help.

Our vision

LCEA’s thriving network of businesses and organisations will be at the forefront of developing solutions for reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions for those within our communities that really need help, along with preparing for climate change and working towards a lower carbon living norm by 2050.

Our target

We will help by working to reduce the carbon footprint of deprived areas in 2028 compared with levels in 2008.

To achieve our vision and target, the strategy aims to address two broad objectives:

  • Develop a low carbon environment for deprived areas
  • Prepare for a changing climate

The strategy is divided into two themes and sets out several strategic priorities for each, providing a framework for how we aim to achieve the overall vision.

The action plan for each theme, with actions to be delivered by a range of organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Progress will be monitored and reported on annually.

Low Carbon Energy Reduction

  • Tackle fuel poverty and its impact on health and wellbeing
  • Retrofit energy efficiency measures into rundown buildings to reduce fuel poverty
  • Ensure that the most cost-effective solutions are implemented into buildings in deprived areas and incorporating on-site renewable energy where possible.
  • Ensuring energy efficient hot water supplies are available and reducing the carbon footprint of water supply and water heating costs.
  • Have the financial support via donations and be the ‘Secret Energy / Climate Change Saving Millionaires’ to the ones that really do need fuel poverty support.
  • Put the power of knowledge and understanding of Energy and Climate Change savings by using an advanced but simplified Climate Change App for mobile devices.

LCEA Climate Change Foundation

We need to work together if we are to make a difference.

LCEA Climate Change Foundation is the growing collection of individuals, businesses and other organisations who have committed to act to help achieve the strategy’s targets.

Education, Communication and Influencing Behaviour

  • Further integrate sustainable energy behaviour promotion and practice throughout schools, colleges, universities, and workplaces.
  • Ensure that communication which is aimed at influencing climate change related behaviour is delivered in a consistent and targeted way
  • Engage organisations in the private sector, including residential and commercial landlords, in effective

  • action to reduce their carbon footprint.

Fundraising Campaign / Pay with Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Contributions

We rely on contributions from generous individuals to enable us to carry out our work, please contribute by helping us to raise funding by donating any cryptocurrency / BitCoins. In return we will keep you posted on your donation and the impact it had. If you would like to become a recognised donor you are very welcome to join our membership based on the categories contained within our Donate to Climate Change website.

Other Accepted Cryptocurrency / Alternative (Alt) Coin Contributions

Or alternatively you can scan and send any Cryptocurrency / Alternative (Alt) Coin on our contributions to Donate to Climate Change Site.

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