I’ve recently taken the responsibility / control of an air conditioning system what must I do?

If the control of an air conditioning system is passed to another person and that person has not been given an air conditioning inspection report in accordance with CIBSE TM44 by the previous operator of the system, the system must be inspected within three months of the new operator taking over such control.

What about individual units less than 12Kw, do they require an AC Inspection?

The 12Kw rule includes systems consisting of individual units which are less than 12kW but the combined effective rated output is more than 12kW.

How do I find out the size of the air conditioning system?

The effective output of an individual air conditioning unit or system may be given on the rating plate attached to the air conditioning unit. It may also be stated in the operating and maintenance manual or from the manufacturer’s website. Alternatively, where the system is covered by a maintenance contract. The capacity should be known by the contractor and should be reported in the maintenance records they supply. Or contained within the F Gas survey report which is mandatory requirement for refrigrent systems with 3kg charge.


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What is the effective conditioning rated output?

The effective rated output is the maximum calorific output in kW stated by the manufacturer of the system as deliverable during continuous operation while complying with the useful efficiency indicated by the manufacturer.

What triggers an Air Conditioning System to fall under the EPBD requirements?

An air conditioning system can be a combination of all components required to provide a form of air treatment in which the temperature is controlled, lowered in temperature and includes systems which combine such air treatment with the control of ventilation, humidity and air cleanliness’.

This includes both fixed self-contained systems, such as split systems and centralised systems. Mechanical ventilation systems that provide no mechanical cooling themselves, but serve spaces that are cooled by other means are included.

Are server rooms and data communications (comms rooms) excluded from the EPBD requirements?

Air conditioning systems that provide refrigeration for process applications, such as server rooms, would also require an inspection if that part of the system allows an inspection to be carried out.

What about the heating elements of the air conditioning systems?

Any components contained in air conditioning systems that are only intended to provide heating are excluded from the air conditioning inspection requirements.

We have a centralised air conditioning system that the landlord controls, are we still responsible?

Tenants of a building, where a central air conditioning system is under the control of the building owner or manager would not be liable for a penalty charge for any breach of the EPBD air conditioning inspection duties.

Robert Corbyn MRICS is the Director of Low Carbon Energy Assessors